Log Cabin Stain Removal

An individual customer contacted us about his Log Cabin Stain Removal project in Central Kansas to remove the existing wood stain and buildup on a customer’s log cabin home.


The customer’s biggest concern was bringing a process and solution that could remove the stain effectively without severely raising the grain or damaging the wood log surface. The customer came to us from our website given our experience in blasting log homes to remove wood stain, soot, char, and sometimes paint. The surface area blasted measured over 2500 square feet for the log home.

Given the log wood surface, we selected to use corn cob as the blast material for this project. We taped and covered the windows and additional areas around the home to protect them from the blast process. Often these projects come with concerns, for example, to make sure we can hit the production numbers we estimate for the project as well as give the result and appearance our customer desires. With those concerns, we elected to perform a small demo on an area not easily visible on the home before moving on to the completion of the project. If the demo was not successful, then our customer would only pay a small portion of the total project price.

To complete the project we sent our standard two-man crew to work several days out of town in order to finish the project in one trip. We sectioned off areas to be blasted in order to contain the blast material from spreading throughout the property. The total project took four days of production including travel to and from Kansas City. Our crew was able to exceed our estimated production for the project thereby completing the log cabin stain removal faster than our initial timeline. The increase in production leads to a reduction in the total project price for our customers.

before and after of log cabin stain removal project

Overall the customer was very pleased with the blasted log surface calling his neighbors to look at the blast results. Our customer plans to seal the exterior log surface and leave the brighter, corn cob blasted finish without a new stain. With this log cabin stain removal project completed early this month, we have since been called to blast additional log homes to remove the existing stain similar to this project.

before and after log cabin stain removal project

If you or someone you know has a cleaning or stripping challenge but does not have the technology, expertise, or manpower to achieve your desired result, then give us a call at Blast It Clean. We would love to form a business relationship in order to help you solve your problem even if we are not the immediate solution.