Historical Renovation Media Blasting Project

We were brought in on a large Historical Renovation Media Blasting project in Overland Park, Kansas. Some may recognize the property as the old King Louie Bowling Alley and Ice Rink building.

The project required all the wood surfaces to be brought back to their original state. To achieve that result, we media blasted the wood surfaces to remove the existing paint and sealer. The project also required a mock-up or demo area to blast first to make sure we could achieve the correct restored appearance and desired outcome for our client.

side by side comparison of historical renovation project


The mock-up also measured our actual production, and cleaning rate compared to the production needed to fit within the project timeline. To accommodate the project deadline, we mobilized multiple crews to provide up to three blasters at a time to expedite the renovation process. In terms of size, the project was over 40,000 square feet in the area to be blasted and cleaned. The project area was sealed off and large fans were installed to control the airflow. Airflow control is important when dry blasting to keep dust from contaminating and migrating to other areas of the property.

before and after of historical renovation media blasting project

This historical renovation media blasting project was successful in removing the paint and sealer from all the interior wood structures to restore the original wood surface. Multiple boom lifts were used to access all areas of the ceiling to remove the paint and sealer. Our success in this project led to a project addition for exterior blasting at the same property.

If you or someone you know has a large-scale historical renovation or remodeling project needing paint, or sealer removed, give us a call here at Blast It Clean.

historical renovation media blasting project inside facility